Blink 182 Tribute Band: Blank 281
The Closest Thing to Seeing Blink-182 LIVE!


College Bookings

Blank 281 has performed at over 48 Universities and Colleges across the country since 2007. See where they have played and book the band at your college event today!

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Venue/Clubs and Fests

Blank 281 has played clubs and venues in 30 STATES across America as well as Mexico! Look at their past venue listings, festivals and sold out shows!

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Frat Parties Private Events

Fraternities and Blink fans have been booking Blank 281 for private shows since Blink 182's first Hiatus! See the list of frats and types of parties they have performed at!

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Blink 182 Tribute Band: Blank 281

Blink-182 tribute bandBlank 281 is the longest running International Touring Tribute to Blink-182. They have been performing Blink182 tribute shows since 2007; a look alike, sound alike tribute to pop-punk band Blink 182.

They pride themselves in not only being the most sonically accurate Blink-182 Tribute Band but also the most entertaining and energetic Blink live performance you will ever see!

With their records reaping platinum and their concert tours packing ’em in all across Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Americas, Blink-182 had become a worldwide phenomenon. When the band announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus in 2005, three Blink182 fans united to form Blank 281: A tribute to Blink-182.

So you never had the chance to see the Blink “rock show” live? Now you can, as Blank 281 captures the essence of the infamous live performances that Blink fans have come to love! The band plays all of the catchy but angsty radio hits, alongside cult favorites you’ve been dying to hear live. Blank 281 also imitates “all the small things,” down to the goofball videos as well as the stand-up comedy stage banter to give a true Blink concert experience!

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Blank 281 has been performing since 2007 and is available for: Frat Parties, Sorority Parties, Festivals, Fairs, Clubs, Casinos, Bars, Concerts, Conventions, Benefits, Corporate Events, Colleges, High Schools, Grade Schools, Private Parties, Radio, Appearances & more.......

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